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Kaizen AI Blazes into GCC: 55+ Media Coverages Ignite Profit Revolution
Kaizen AI is an Artificial Intelligence-powered platform that brings unprecedented advancements to large-scale building projects while staying true to design contours. With a primary focus on value optimization, the platform’s mission is clear to significantly increase profits on projects across the globe, making waves in the industry.

With innovation, cutting-edge technology, and artificial intelligence, Kaizen AI was ready to increase the profitability of the UAE’s engineering, construction, and real estate sectors and reduce carbon emissions.

Introducing a brand in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) market requires a comprehensive strategy considering the region's unique cultural and business dynamics. We aimed to introduce Kaizen AI with a bang by holding a press conference in Dubai's prime location and inviting real estate and business media for a press conference followed by a meet & greet.

At the press conference, media kits and gifts were distributed that included press releases, fact sheets, high-quality images, and other relevant materials in both English and Arabic to cater to the diverse linguistic preferences of the GCC region.


    The press conference, followed by press release distribution, garnered about 55 coverages, including print and digital media.

    Top publications like Khaleej Times, Gulf Today, Gulf Construction, Gulf Property, etc. covered this news.

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