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Brands are like flowers. They bloom when they are handled with care and love. There is one difference, though. Flowers have a shelf life. Brands don't. But they can die if not consistently nourished. This is exactly what we do. We let brands bloom and glow forever with our love, care and affection. We know what it takes to not only create a brand out of a product but also let it bloom, realise its full potential and let it grow in our valley. For us, PR is not public relations. Its picturesque relations. We are bustling. We are bubbling.
We are Bloomingdale, a valley where brands grow and thrive.
What makes us unique
We are an agency that does not feel like an agency. We are a results-driven team that collaborates closely with our clients. We integrate ourselves completely within our clients’ teams in order to deliver the results they desire. We are driving a new world of PR where communications is at the core of business strategy and relationships are valued above all.

Our clients feature the who’s who of the Indian industry across various sectors including technology, real estate, precious metals, gems and jewellery, and more. A large majority of our clients have continued to stay with us for 10+ years, during which we have helped them manouevre their public relations strategy to include digital PR, brand building, influencer marketing and several other new-age concepts.


Our core offering at Bloomingdale Public Relations. We help our clients to communicate effectively with wide, variegated audiences for purposes ranging from informative and educative to promotional and celebratory; as well as to control and respond to crises as may arise.
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We help our client brands leverage the true power of influencer marketing through our strong research capabilities and an equally robust network of relationships in the world of media and business. We work to gain an in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses, using this to connect them with the right influencers; we collaborate to amplify their messages such that they reach their target audience with least effort and high credibility.

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Success as an influencer, a teamleader, and a business leader today requires a strong personal brand. At Bloomingdale, we help you build and grow your personal brand through consistent efforts driven by data that help you showcase your domain knowledge, make the right connections across various networks - digital and otherwise, and connect you to the best opportunities across media and public events.
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We provide end-to-end content marketing services that form the core of any digital marketing campaign. Our expertise includes media strategy, content creation and design, as well as execution and management of campaigns across various media. What differentiates us at Bloomingdale is that we integrate your digital marketing strategy with your overall PR strategy which includes traditional media.
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