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Building Boom: KaarTech & QNCC Partnership Dominates Middle Eastern Media with 91 Coverages
Introduction of the partner company- Founded by a prodigious group of entrepreneurs: Maran N, Selvakumar M, Ratnakumar N, and George Gaurdian in the year 2005, KaarTech acts as a one-stop solution for all relating to Cloud, Analytics, IoT, Blockchain, RPA, AI/ML, ERP, Supply Chain, HCM, Procurement, and Mobility. With its presence in 15+ locations, catering to 350+ clients, KaarTech has proven expertise in and around SAP technology and digital transformations, nurturing growth and profitability for businesses of all sizes in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. To date, KaarTech has executed more than 2500 projects worldwide and continues to progress its legacy.

KaarTech joined hands with the construction leader QNCC to rebuild Qatar's construction industry.

We rolled out a press release primarily focusing on the Qatar and UAE regions to amplify this news.

Our target was to garner maximum visibility in both- print and digital media, which are the key players in Qatar.


    The press release was disseminated in English and Arabic language targeting varied readers.

    This news received 91 coverages in the UAE, Qatar, and other countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt, etc.

    The readership of this news was about 5.4 million, reaching a diverse audience.

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