Belcube Cheese: Delicious and Nutritious Snacking Delight from Indonesia
A well-known snacking brand in Indonesia, Belcube cheese is a nutritious delight crafted from high-grade cow's milk at a French factory. It is a delicious and healthy source of essential protein and calcium, especially for young children. It can be savored as a wholesome snack or used as a delectable topping to enhance your favourite meals with its creamy goodness. Belcube's mission is deeply rooted in providing accessible, delicious, and nutritious products, aligning with the brand's philosophy of "for all, for good."

Belcube by The Laughing Cow Cheese collaborated with Youreka Kids Farm, an interactive edutainment playground. Together, they launched Indonesia’s first cheese factory for kids.  The factory invites kids to step into the shoes of cheese makers, offering them the joy of learning while having fun. This educational and immersive experience exposes them to the art of crafting their favourite soft and creamy cheese. There was an event held for this association whereby Bloomingdale PR invited the press and journalists to attend the event and cover the story in their respective publications.


    A post-event press release was disseminated to the media universe whereby the event was covered largely by many CAT A publications, which thereby garnered significant mileage for the event and subsequently the brand.

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