Abraclean: Pioneering Corrosion Prevention Solutions for Sustainable Infrastructure
Abraclean provides end-to-end service for corrosion prevention for high-end customers who are working in marine or oil and gas and civil constructions and directly linked to the infrastructural industry. They strive to play an integral role in creating a better environment for our society. A name that speaks quality and echoes warranty, Abraclean is endowed with the capacity to change the world and walk towards a greener and sustainable environment.

Abraclean launched Singapore’s first/Asia’s first Recycled Glass Abrasive Plant - a success story helping Singapore build a circular economy with sustainable solutions. Through this, the main goal is to save on energy and reduce the carbon footprint; in addition to this, they further aspire to lower the landfill burden with a zero-waste solution. With considerable experience in blasting and coating, corrosion protection by providing proper surface preparation, and utilizing various coatings, the company represents our first step towards zero waste.


    The objective of the press meet handled by Bloomingdale Public Relations was to cultivate awareness about the restaurant and its USP being the 1st 350-seater Pan Asian, multi-cuisine restaurant in Singapore. This event was a culmination of bloggers, press, and influencers visiting the restaurant and covering the event across their respective social media platforms. In addition to this, a press release was sent out to the media universe whereby this was extensively published on CAT A publications like The Straits Times and many more.

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