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Tiger Balm
An international brand that’s been a household name in India, launched its globally successful Neck and Shoulder Rub for the Indian market
Tiger Balm, already a household name in the Indian market, was launching its Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Rub in the local market. The highly successful global product was very different from the classic Tiger Balm, the comforting fragrance of which is inseparable from the balm. The Neck and Shoulder Rub is a fragrance-free, non-sticky rub meant for a newer market and hence, needed to be tackled deftly to position it well while still retaining India’s love for the original Tiger Balm.

  • The idea was to go beyond just a launch event and create an interactive affair that is fun, engaging and effectively demonstrates the product’s usage and benefits
  • The millennial population was the core target group for the product, with their lifestyle challenges. Hence, the entire communication was designed around them
  • Popular VJ Anusha Dandekar and India’s top e-Sports gamer Balaji were roped in for the event, demonstrating how the product helped them keep up with their hectic lifestyles with minimal effort. It was a perfect influencer-brand match
  • A lot of focus was put on demonstrating how the product’s non-fragrance, non-sticky nature and easy packaging that makes it a portable, everyday use essential
  • Immense interest was generated with the live demonstrations at the event
  • Massive local coverage, with a lot of online conversation through bloggers brought a lot of attention to their Indian Distributor - Alkem Laboratories and Tiger Balm
  • Tiger Balm’s first media interaction in India after a gap of 5 years was a huge branding success, with the product’s good run in the market
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