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An association of over 14 years with the leadership team, Mitashi grew tremendously from being a new indigenous gaming company to a leading homegrown consumer durables brand over a decade
Mitashi as a Brand started primarily with video gaming. Later when it branched out into the consumer durables business, it needed a new story. All through its new chapter, we have had the fortune of being a part of Mitashi’s skyrocketing success. The brand has gone through a tremendous growth curve by focusing on its core competencies and getting its messaging right with the target group. Depending on the stage of the product life cycle, the objectives vary from brand and product awareness, weaving the ‘premium home-grown consumer durables brand’ story, popularising the founder’s journey, product announcements and sustenance campaigns are run to keep Mitashi the great Indian success story that it is.

  • When the brand was new to the consumer durables industry, a narrative was built around its fascinating indigenous roots and the founder’s story
  • With every new product launch, a big splash is made in the media where Mitashi’s products are extensively spoken of 
  • An ongoing attempt is to keep brand Mitashi not just visible, but also make it a preferred brand by highlighting its domestic roots, sharp product features, competitive prices and comparing it with the best in the market
  • A charming founder’s tale, coupled with a sharp all-round sustenance campaign makes Mitashi a brand that’s hugely respected indigenous brand in a crowded industry
  • Today, Mitashi is one of the top case studies in the home-grown brands businesses, being an inspiration for many
  • Mitashi enjoys high top-of-mind recall amongst all other consumer durables brands, despite numerous national and global players
  • Mitashi’s products are successfully sold across key Online and Offline platforms topping sales charts in most categories 
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