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A homespun vegetarian thali brand that successfully retained its edge for over the years in a fast changing food industry

Khandani Rajdhani has remained focused on its core competency, of the traditional vegetarian Indian thali, ever since it was born nearly 5 decades ago. To keep it constantly fresh, relevant and exciting in a market that evolving every few months is the biggest challenge. Khandani Rajdhani needs to appeal to the non-Indian gourmand as much as the regular Indian foodie who wants to have a fresh experience with his or her own food. Another big focus area is to keep the thali and brand pertinent in the dynamic industry that’s inundated trends, fads and changing tastes.

  • Consistent and effective multi-city campaigns are run for Khandani Rajdhani’s regular traditional fare, special festive menus and events
  • Year-round profiling of chefs, recipes, connecting with food bloggers and featuring interesting details during the regular, non-festive months keep the brand frequently visible 
  • A major objective is to keep the conversation alive around Indian cuisine and Khandani Rajdhani’s rich, long legacy that has stood the test of time. It helps the brand to stand out among contemporaries
  • Khandani Rajdhani has remained the world’s favourite and highest selling thali, having served over a crore thalis to the India consumers
  • After a sustained, successful run in India, it is spreading footprints to Dubai and Oman with new outlets
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