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Global anti-virus giant’s massive success story in the diverse Indian market
Global cyber security giant Kaspersky entered the dynamic and complex Indian market around a decade ago. Back then, the anti-virus market was not fully developed and hence, Kaspersky had to begin from scratch, beginning with product and brand awareness. There were few technology writers and journalists, as were the readers. With time, as the product awareness and demand grew, new players emerged. Kaspersky had to remain competitive and relatable in a foreign market while simultaneously building a local network of partners. Through the years, we have seen Kaspersky grow from foreign new entrant to becoming the top nationally preferred brand in India, with a robust network through India’s cities and towns. We are proud to have been with Kaspersky from the very first year and continue to learn and grow with them.
  • In the initial years, complete focus was on creating a story around the need for anti-virus, its benefits and what brand Kaspersky brings to the table
  • Once the brand started to get popular, two distinct strategies have been maintained for B2B and B2C communication. The two-pronged approach is maintained through the year in order to have clear, customised messaging to both markets
  • All-year communication program is designed to talk about Kaspersky’s channel partner meets, training sessions, mainline stories, creating a founder and brand narrative to ensure readers are aware of the tremendous work that’s happening behind the news headlines 
  • Widespread product trials and reviews are conducted to get the technology writers to experience the product first-hand. With great reviews, word usually spreads very quickly 
  • Over our decade-long association with Kaspersky, it has grown from a new entrant to a top preferred anti-virus brand in India
  • With Kaspersky’s growth, the Indian anti-virus market has seen an immense surge too. The tech writers and bloggers pool has matured exponentially, making it a mainstream, regular feature across media
  • Kaspersky has remained relevant and in the news through all its product cycle phases, expansion to India’s farthest corners and launch of several new products
  • Kaspersky shares a large share of the anti-virus market’s overall coverage through media and across the country
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