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Launch of one of the world’s most loved and popular speakers in the Indian market
Global giant Marshall, celebrated by world music legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Slash, was unveiling its brand new Hanwell speakers in India. The speakers came with a high sentimental value as they were named after the London district where Marshall opened its first store in 1962. Hanwell’s launch had to be a high-impact event that was curated around Marshall’s long legacy, sophisticated appeal and absolutely top of its class.

  • At the outset, it was decided that the event needed to go beyond a simple product launch. It needed to create a sensory experience that allows invitees to soak in Marshall’s superior quality
  • Cafe Zoe, Mumbai’s swish midtown hangout, was chosen for a chic wine-and-cheese event with two live guitar performances that were relayed on the Hanwell speakers
  • In a fun, interactive game, two lucky participants got to take home the Hanwell
  • India’s top technology journalists and reviewers were at the event, ensuring that a lot of right buzz was created in the places that mattered
  • A very large number of reviews and coverages that brought a lot of attention to the product, leading to high awareness and eventual sales
  • A new benchmark was set on how to create an out-of-the-box, sensory product launch that went beyond the ordinary
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