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Arvind Mills Ltd.
A modern story for an iconic brand
The legendary Arvind Mills has a legacy that dates back to 1897 when one of India’s first homespun mill was set up. Born in the heart of the Swadeshi movement in 1931, surviving the 1993 globalisation and with a modern rebranding in 2008, Arvind comes with a legacy unmatched. Arvind roped in Bloomingdale for an influencer marketing campaign for the launch of its one-of-its-kind Grooms and Groomsmen Makeover event, the focus was to display Arvind’s latest collection of ready-mades and fine fabrics. It was important to spin a modern story on an iconic brand, to be told in an exciting new manner to a whole new generation.

  • The core communication was on how brand Arvind Mills needs to be refashioned as a modern name in stylish ready-mades and not just a respected fabric brand with a rich legacy
  • The event was designed to capture the attention of the youth with the chic designs, talking to them through contemporary bloggers and top fashion influencers. The environment was thus tech-savvy and very ‘today’
  • The high-end event was all-encompassing with on-the-spot makeovers, photo-ops with professional photographers and a turntable for a comprehensive makeover experience
  • Exciting live contests, making of fun videos for easy digital use and creating hashtag trends kept the event on-track to retell the mythical Arvind story with a modern twist
  • Male influencers across categories attended this high tea event
  • The hashtags went viral, creating ripples on social media with pictures, events and live updates from the event
  • Through celebrities, fashion bloggers and influencers, brand Arvind reached out to a new, younger target audience with their latest range
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